Host Broadcaster Television Workshop

Let me introduce myself. My name is Giancarlo Tomassetti and, this year, I am in charge as tv director of the Golden Gala in Rome.
Iíve some experiences in Athletics. Iíve been the directorís coordinator in the 1987 World Championship in Rome; in the 1992 I was the tv director of Genoa European Indoor, in 1996† Athletics' Grand Prix Final in Milan and some others minor events.

Iíve not been working for the Golden Gala since 1996 and, I know, itís very changed. The reason of my short speech is to verify if our coverage and our general criteria meet the minimum standard you wish.
Iíll accept Ė of course Ė any suggestions you may have.

I can say that RAI will dedicate to this event adequate technical means and facilities.
Rai will produce the international feed and clean feed and, if requested, separate feeds of every races, with graphics (if this is available).

Our coverage foreseen the following facilities:

  • one OB van for the tracks, with 7/8 cameras and 4/5 replays (could be some Super Slomo)

  • one OB van for horizontal jumpings, with 3/4 , plus 1 micro and 3 replays;

  • one or two OB vans for the vertical jumps, with 2/3 cameras, plus 1 micro and 2/3 replays for each TV direction;

  • one OB van for the throws, with 2/3 cameras, 1 micro and 2 replays for each of them.

Will have some cameras for the stadium, public and medal ceremonies, if there are.
In addition, will use an electric car to follow the long tracks and some cranes for the cameras.

Each TV direction will produce a signal with international sound; complete with graphics (when it will be possible) and each TV director will be assisted by a consultant.

RAIís general philosophy is the international one, accepted Ė I suppose Ė from all Broadcasters.
For each race we will show the three standard moments: presentation, athletic performance, result.
We will particularly careful in grasping athlete's reactions, as well as those of his companions and opponents.
The athlete's performance will be followed in sequence-plan, without interruptions.
Normally we will wait for the result, before switching to the next field.
Replays will be used to show the technical phase of the discipline and how spectacular is the athlete's performance.
The tracks will be the guideline of the program and will be shot without cup up to 1500 m.
The long distances race may be interrupted by jumps or throws, live or recorded, in case of relevant result.
In particular, for the short distance races, we will begin the shooting with the start list and the individual presentation. Before the start, cameras will show the favourite athletes in close up. Beside from the usual replays, we will also supply the false start and the photo finish.
For the races longer than 800 m. we will use† the camera located on board an electric car, but only on the straight line, in front of the main stand.
We will be careful to show the outdistances and the catching-up of the athletes.
Beside from the arrival, replays will† show the highlights of the race.

A last remark.
As the Golden Gala is an event witch will last only a few hours, we will careful in keeping tight the shooting time for each discipline.
Our aim is to show the greatest number of athletes and give the major results and the final classifications of each discipline.

This is Ė in a few words Ė what we are prepared to do. I hope our intentions† meet the Golden Gala European standard. Thanks for your attentions.